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FFX-2: Microfic meme - Nooj 
8th-Feb-2009 11:53 pm
Jack of all trades
Title: Microfic meme - Nooj
Rating: G
Word Count: 127
Characters: Nooj, Paine, Gippal, Rikku, Lucil, Winry (Full Metal Alchemist)
Notes: If you're anything like me, you look at challenges like Write different categories of fic in ten words or less! and think "Pffft, easy." Hahaha, not as easy as I thought it'd be. [Written for Ms owlmoose.]

Angst: The worst part is realising he's still alive.

AU: "You name your robots?"
"Sure. This one's Nooj."

Crackfic: "Rikku. Why is my machina wired to this console?"

Crossover: "Whoever made these automail should be shot," Winry muttered.

Death: "Guess he got what he wanted," Gippal said. "Camvecr pycdynt."

Episode related: "How did they not catch you? You can't even walk!"

First Time: The recoil nearly dislocates his shoulder, but he tries again.

Fluff: Paine's skin's chilled by the metal; she doesn't let go.

Humour: "He's okay!" Rikku lied chirpily. "Rust's gone to his head!"

Hurt/Comfort: "I'm fine," Paine growled, leaning on his shoulder anyway.

Smut: Paine smirks, bites his shoulder, just where metal meets skin.

UST: "You should have spoken to her. Sir." Lucil said blandly.
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