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PSoH: A Meeting of Minds 
8th-Aug-2009 10:36 pm
Working hard
Title: A Meeting of Minds
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 263
Characters: Wu-Fei, Leon
Notes: I don't like Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo. It's existence kinda offends me, mainly because a) it's return to the format of the beginning of the original series without the character development D got, and b) WHERE THE HELL IS LEON? WU-FEI IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE! So... I kinda decided to write fic where the two met. This is as far as I've got with it, but ehhh... (Spoilers for PSoH volume 10, rusty rusty writing skills, response to fanfic100's challenge "Club.")

"I've been trying to find more information about his business, but..." Wu-Fei gestured expansively. "There has been less useful information than I had hoped. Rumours, but nothing concrete."

He had tested the truth of these rumours himself by sending in his employees to buy animals, but as of yet none had found themselves with beautiful women instead - and it was nothing the man opposite him needed to know. The man hadn't said anything anyway, remaining sprawled back in an office chair like a puppet with broken strings, or a man who hadn't had a chance to sit quietly for a long time. His head was tilted back and shaded by a baseball cap - the only part of his face that was visible was the beginnings of a blond beard and the smirk Wu-Fei's words had induced.

Wu-Fei waited a few moments for the man to respond, then prompted him with "I was led to believe you knew something of the Count and his past. Is that true?"

The man's silence this time was more measured, as though he was turning something over in his mind, until he finally said "Is the Count here?"

"He has a shop on the ground floor -"

The blond's chair cracked against the opposite wall as he leapt out of it, hurling himself at the door to Neo-Chinatown proper. "Finally -"

"Wait! I want answers!"

His response was harsh laughter, the man glancing back as he bolted for the stairs. "I've been looking for the son of a bitch for five years - join the club!"
12th-Aug-2009 09:06 am (UTC)
Well done. I can see Leon pulling something like that on Taizu. A beard on Leon . . . ooo, for some reason I got an image of a wanna be mountain man with a keg of beer. :-)

And I do think there is some character development on D's part in Shin, it's just more in the inner turmoil category.This is D dealing with every single last thing that happened in volume ten without the benefit of closure, a luxury he is not allowed, so he's buried his heart and this is what we see- him treating Taizu like sh**. XD Although, I will jump for joy and scream like a sissy fan girl in delight if Leon shows up at the end of Shin and cold cocks WuFei right in front of the Count. XD
24th-Jun-2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
i agree with that :D
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