We can do you one without the other, We can do you blood without the rhetoric, Blood and rhetoric or blood and love?, Blood is compulsory, We can do you blood without the love

Kingdom Hearts: While Stands the Warrior - And So Begins Our Dance

Title: While Stands the Warrior - And So Begins Our Dance
Rating: G
Word Count: 814
Characters: Leon, Yuffie, Sora, Cloud, Goofy, Donald, Phil
Notes: Written for (my challenge is Leon and Cloud, all stories following a timeline. For those who WANT to see the timeline, it is here, but beware spoilers for What Will Be in both the fics and the games.) Set during the first game, probably recently after the first visit to Olympus. :D

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Kingdom Hearts: Five Crossovers That Never Happened

Title: Five Crossovers That Didn't Happen
Rating: G
Word Count: 1350
Characters: Sora, Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, (Kingdom Hearts), Sofu D (Petshop of Horrors), Son Goku (Saiyuki), Skulduggery Pleasant, Stephanie Edgely, (Skulduggery Pleasant), Vash the Stampede (Trigun).
Notes: Oh god I don't even know but it exists and the note for the Trigun section is currently tying with the entire Pet Shop of Horrors section for my favourite part of this fic. >_>

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We can do you one without the other, We can do you blood without the rhetoric, Blood and rhetoric or blood and love?, Blood is compulsory, We can do you blood without the love

*dusts off community*

Wow, it's somewhat depressing to realise that I haven't posted here since AUGUST (not to mention that I missed posting a Petshop of Horrors drabble for Christmas for what I THINK is the first time since I joined the fandom).

However! I'm slowly returning to LJ/DW, and from there to fandom!

Current plans include:

  • Finish uploading fic to AO3 (I am there under the name of Spindizzy! Everything but the PSoH and the FFX-2 fic is there with me!) Currently everything is over at AO3 as far as I know!
  • Promote ff_exchange within an inch of its life to make up for my failure with it! GUYS IT IS THE BEST FIC EXCHANGE I'VE BEEN PART OF EVER AND THE QUALITY OF STUFF IS AWESOME! GO TAKE PART!
  • Finally finish all of the fics I promised to write for people!
  • Finally get around to writing the epic fics I've been threatening to write.

Hopefully I'll be back online more regularly now, so I will do my best to keep a steady flow of fic going. The quality is going to be kinda... variable I'm afraid, I haven't been doing much writing in my downtime, but I'll do my best!
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PSoH: A Meeting of Minds

Title: A Meeting of Minds
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 263
Characters: Wu-Fei, Leon
Notes: I don't like Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo. It's existence kinda offends me, mainly because a) it's return to the format of the beginning of the original series without the character development D got, and b) WHERE THE HELL IS LEON? WU-FEI IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE! So... I kinda decided to write fic where the two met. This is as far as I've got with it, but ehhh... (Spoilers for PSoH volume 10, rusty rusty writing skills, response to fanfic100's challenge "Club.")

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FFXII (OGC): Gifts

Title: Gifts
Rating: G
Word Count: 283
Characters: Larsa, Drace
Notes: Ahahahaha, this is old and rubbish and present tense, but, y'know, it's finished! As I recall (And this is probably dating back to AT LEAST 2007, so bear with me), this was based on looking in the strategy guide and seeing Larsa was equipped with a Tourmaline Ring, which prevents poison. "Huh," I said. "That is very appropriate for an emperor-in-waiting! I wonder where he - ohhhhh..." [Present tense, strange language qualities.]

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FFX: Microfic Meme - Auron

Title: Microfic Meme - Auron
Rating: G
Word Count: 133
Characters: Auron, Braska, Jecht, bitty!Yuna, Fujin
Notes: Okay, I really have to stop using microfic memes as ways of collecting ideas for longer fic. :\ I'M REALLY SORRY, INTERNETS, PLEASE DON'T DISOWN ME. [Written for muggy_mountain, contains spoilers for Auron's past.]

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FFX-2: Microfic meme - Nooj

Title: Microfic meme - Nooj
Rating: G
Word Count: 127
Characters: Nooj, Paine, Gippal, Rikku, Lucil, Winry (Full Metal Alchemist)
Notes: If you're anything like me, you look at challenges like Write different categories of fic in ten words or less! and think "Pffft, easy." Hahaha, not as easy as I thought it'd be. [Written for Ms owlmoose.]

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