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Once upon a time, this never happened
You have to write your own happy ending
FFX: The Pirate AU 
13th-Jun-2007 06:21 pm
Once upon a time, I rather foolishly posted a meme asking what my Flist would make me write if they had control over me for one day.

heyheyrenay's first response was "PIRATE AU."

Rating: G
Word Count: 250
Characters: Auron; Jecht and Braska mentioned
Notes: I think I've mentioned this is an AU, right? And that it's heyheyrenay's fault?

Besaid was as he remembered it, with the notable exception of not having Jecht grumbling about the heat, the sun, the sand, the jungle - and not having Braska between them, admiring those same features.

The dock was buzzing with activity as sailors and islanders both hauled cargo onto the beach, waiting to be taken to the village. There were a few men hovering around the stacks of crates, shooting nervous glances towards him and his ship - and well they might. He had timed it badly; if he remembered correctly, by tomorrow the boats would have been reloaded, and by the day after they would not be there at all. He had tried to ensure that few ships managed to carry word of the grey ship, or the scarred man who captained her. He would have to see how things went, whether he needed to demonstrate the truth of the legends about him.

Tilting his hat to shade his face (and ignoring the voice that sounded like Jecht - oh yeah, like that's not gonna call attention to you?), Auron stepped onto dry land for the first time since he washed up on Bevelle.

It was almost anticlimactic - the ground didn't open, the ship didn't sink, he didn't drop dead on the spot. However, the workers closest to his ship flinched away from him, and those in his way scurried to get out of it as fast as possible.

Notoriety, as Jecht once told him, had its advantages.
13th-Jun-2007 08:06 pm (UTC) - Arr Matey..?
He's a pirate now?


A nice story, and rather unusual...

Is there more coming?

13th-Jun-2007 08:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Arr Matey..?
I'm not entirely sure that he's a pirate, to be honest with you - but there will definitely be more of it. :D

Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you liked it!
14th-Jun-2007 04:06 am (UTC)
So you die and become a pirate? Sweet!
14th-Jun-2007 06:23 am (UTC)
Of course! Didn't you know? ;P
14th-Jun-2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
I do now! Does that make Sin the leviathan?
14th-Jun-2007 03:54 pm (UTC)
I'm not entirely sure! Auron turned round to me one day while I was scribbling ideas and said very casually that his ship was called Sin.

... I am still sitting here going "Oh Jesus God you're trying to kill my brain aren't you?" and trying to decide how bad an idea that is. >_>
14th-Jun-2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
It can't hurt.

But, then again, it would probably be much less confining if you just changed the names and made it an original fic. You'd already have a foundation to work from and then people couldn't tell you how silly it is. ;X

But, hey! Can't go wrong with Auron and booty jokes. XD
14th-Jun-2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
You'll pardon me if I'm not entirely convinced about the not-hurting?

Huh. Hadn't even thought of that. I have really bad memories of rewriting Digimon with changed names when I was about nine. I was gonna sell it and be a Real Author! I think the whole point is that people get to tell me the idea's silly?

XD YES. Auron and Jecht and booty jokes. It's gonna be fun.
14th-Jun-2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
But why is the sake gone?

I wrote this really awful FFVI fan fic, once and everyone hated it because it was so out of character, so I went through and changed a couple of names and locations and reposted it under a different heading to see what happened. ...People came out of the woodwork to tell me how clever and original it was. Bah!
15th-Jun-2007 05:37 pm (UTC)
Oy vey!

That's an interesting notion...

Y'know, with a story idea like that, you might very well have turned Auron into the major villain of the piece.

If his ship is Sin, then he roughly occupies the same place Yu Yevon had in the Game.

If people want to defeat Sin, they're gonna have to do to Auron what they did to Yevon in the Game... :O

Maybe there's a way to write your way out of this conundrum...

If you want to, that is... ;)

17th-Jun-2007 04:36 am (UTC) - Where do I find all these different themes?
So I can write a theme-fanfic too?

17th-Jun-2007 01:13 pm (UTC) - Re: Where do I find all these different themes?
The themes are on here on pyre_flies.
17th-Jun-2007 04:29 pm (UTC) - I have a fanfic on FF.net that has two of these themes...
Would I be able to link to the fanfic as long as I mentioned the two themes?

17th-Jun-2007 04:47 pm (UTC) - Re: I have a fanfic on FF.net that has two of these themes...
I think so? I'm pretty sure you can link to fic posted to other places, so long as it fits in with your claim. (shanaqui is probably the best person to ask, I have to say - she's the mod of pyre_flies.)
17th-Jun-2007 05:36 pm (UTC) - Re: I have a fanfic on FF.net that has two of these themes...
I've just been told I have to claim these things, and I'm not really sure what's meant by that. I really DON'T want to break any rules here, but NO ONE is telling me how to do this properly. And it's making me come off looking like a dork... :(

So, how do I do this properly?

17th-Jun-2007 06:17 pm (UTC) - Re: I have a fanfic on FF.net that has two of these themes...
Ack! I hope I haven't been adding to your confusion! Let me see if I can help...

For pyre_flies, you leave a comment on this post, claiming either a character or a pairing from FFX/X-2 - which means, as far as I know, that you sign up to write about that character for the themes. (I claimed Auron for it, which might not have been the best idea I ever had.) After that, shanaqui should approve your request and add it to the list, and then you can start posting fics based off the themes.

(As far as I can tell, you are actually allowed to link to things on FF.net, so yes you could post a link to your story.)

I hope that helped! If not, then if you tell me which parts are getting you muddled I'll do my best to help.
17th-Jun-2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
... I hadn't thought of that. I mean, there'd been the whole "Oh great I've just made Auron part of Sin" thing, but I hadn't made the connection to Yu Yevon.

... I think this idea just got worse more interesting. Although I'm quite tempted to keep Auron where he is and watch the drama...
17th-Jun-2007 04:25 pm (UTC) - That's the best idea...
Just let the idea develop, and watch the fur fly...

You never know. Maybe a really GREAT story will come of this. Remember, it doesn't have to be a HAPPY story. Just a good one... ;)

17th-Jun-2007 04:54 pm (UTC) - Re: That's the best idea...
That's what I usually do - just let the story do whatever it wants, and make sure I keep an eye on what's happening. And I don't think I've ever written an entirely happy story that's had Auron anywhere near it.

Here's hoping for a good story! :D
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