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Demon Diary: Crazy Little Thing Called

Title: Crazy Little Thing Called
Rating: G
Word Count: 176
Characters: Eclipse(/Raenef)
Notes: Written for this meme that I haven't come up with a good name for yet as per karmazoo's request. (SHE IS CRUEL TO ME AND DEMANDS ECLIPSE/RAENEF FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF MAKING ME SHRIEK AND FLAIL. I'LL GET HER YET.)

Love is something reserved almost exclusively for humans - demons do not love in the strictest sense of the word. Respect is more common - although there's very little to respect about Master Raenef normally, especially after one has seen him hiding from the Crusaders or picking Erutis' pockets to keep in practice.

If Eclipse were ever to be accused of feeling more for his lord than would be approved of, he wouldn't think of Raenef's misguided determination and eagerness to please him, or the way he would lie with his head in Eclipse's lap as though waiting to be petted, or the pleasure he took in Eclipse's company. He would think of Raenef looking at him curiously, and asking "So, you've got to do anything I tell you?"

It wasn't likely, certainly, but Eclipse had learned never to rule anything out when it came to Raenef, even things that common sense would mark as impossible.

Besides, it was the only explanation that Eclipse could think of that didn't make him fear for his sanity.
Tags: demon diary, demon diary: eclipse

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